The first of the remaining Titans fighting for succession of Prometheus' throne.

Personality Edit

The definition of a stereotypical jock, Menoetius is highly regarded by his soldiers as a bold leader. He takes every opportunity to flex and show off his large muscles, a product from consistent regular work-outs. Often times he prioritizes his work-outs over fighting the Furies who have already removed a majority of his front line forces. He also tends to make analogies, offers, and metaphors that are gym and work-out centric.

Philosophy Edit

As described in the Thessaly journal, Menoetius believes he understands what true perfection requires and consists of. As a result of perfection needing no council, his goal is to overtake humanity as an iron-fists ruler who will produce the "perfect gym"; a world where regulation, life, and liberty is all dictated by his hand and vision. In his eyes, he hopes to provide the strict guidance humanity apparently lacks sight of.

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Greek Origin Edit

Menoetius is a second generation titan in Greek mythology. His name means "doomed might", based on the Ancient Greek words menos (which means "might, power"), and oitos (which means "doom, pain") [wikipedia source]. His original mythos details how he is in charge of guarding the cattle of Hades. Notably, he is Prometheus' blood brother.

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